We have an IQ Air and Winix air purifier in our laser eye surgery/operating room for improved protection of our patients. In the laser hair removal room, the Winix Plasma HEPA purifier has completely removed the odour. Purahome was professional in how they came and tested our work space where patient care is critical. They were thorough in their testing and explanation of what was required and why. I now feel 100 times better!!!! I feel like I’ve been at a spa. Even though the purifiers are at my work, I am sleeping better! This has all made a huge difference in improving my life! (Winix and IQAir Health Pro Plus Portable Air Cleaners)

Adrienne Furney, Nurse and Director of Aesthetics

I just wanted to let you know how incredibly pleased I am with my Aquaspace Carafe Nitrate Reducing Filter.

And yet, another great Aquaspace product! I love my under the counter, 3 filter system, but this Carafe Filter which also reduces the nitrate, is really amazing. I've been using it for 6 months now.  Any health conscious individual knows that nitrate and chlorine are not good for you, let alone all of the microbial organisms that can be in city water.

I am so happy that all of the water I drink and cook with is as clean and healthy as it could possibly be. My grown children swear by this Carafe filter system as well, as it provides a full carafe of delicious water in just over 1 minute, and they will not drink city tap water. They each own one of these systems.

But the tell-tale story is the taste. Water isn't supposed to "taste", or "smell". City tap water smells like chlorine, and a sensitive palate can also taste it. This carafe filtered water is delicious. My relatives were over last week and I asked if they would like some pure filtered water. After drinking one glass, one person said, "My god, this is the most delicious water I've ever tasted!". It's kind of a funny thing to refer to water as being delicious, but it really is. And to also know that the valuable minerals are still in it, and most of the nitrate is out, is a total bonus. Anyway, just know that I love this filter system.....works so fast, tastes so good, and I'm hooked on drinking almost a gallon of water a day now....instead of anything else!

Please don't ever stop carrying it! Thanks again for another great product! (Aquaspace Nitrate Mineral Plus Drinking System for home, Aquaspace Carafe for work and travel)

Jan Green

I have endured migraines for over 20 years and experimented with a variety of treatments – medical and alternative. A couple of contributors to my migraines are dehydration and high levels of acidity in my body due to a high level of physical activity. Staff from Purahome became well acquainted with my ongoing challenges with migraines. They suggested that I try the Aquaspace Alkalizing Carafe as a way of reducing the acidity in my body and restoring essential minerals that regular tap water was not providing. Using the filter had significant results for me. I wanted to drink more water – it just tasted better. I use filtered water for everything – even washing vegetables and in the water bottles that I take cycling. I loved the portability of the filter, which I could carry with me when we travel and use with any water source. The frequency of my migraines in the next six months after starting to use the Aquaspace Carafe decreased significantly.

I soon became addicted to my filtered water so much so that I wanted a more convenient system that would allow me instant access to unlimited filtered water. That’s when Purahome suggested looking into a counter-top system. They knew we had limited counter space and thought this would be a better alternative than the under the counter system. They were right. My husband and I are completely satisfied with the counter-top system. It was very easy for us to install, maintain, and best of all, gives us complete ease of unlimited access to the best water possible. Thank you, Purahome for introducing us to Aquaspace filtration. I am convinced that drinking this water has helped to rebalance my system and return it to a more optimal alkaline state. Mario’s tremendous knowledge, understanding of my condition and sincere interest in my well-being were key to my learning of this product and integrating it into my daily life. I only came to believe in the benefits of Aquaspace because of my trust in Mario and his wholehearted endorsement of this product. (Aquaspace Alkalizing Carafe and Counter Top System)

Anna-Lisa Christilaw

Our daughter Mia has had a persistent nagging cough for some time. We have had to use inhalers for her. Now that we have our air cleaners, her cough is gone!

We initially purchased a Winix Plasma Purifier for her room because that was Purahome’s recommendation based on her symptoms. That night was the first night that she slept through the night!!

We then had the Abatement whole home HEPA installed the following week. When people ask me what does it now feel like in my home, I tell them like I am on a beach! My first concern was my daughter but I have respiratory challenges also, I can breathe! It’s great! I can breathe effortlessly again!! Thank you very much. 

Another Testimonial from the Tasillo’s…

To Purahome, I would like to say once again a BIG thank you. This has been a bad September for allergies and (our daughter) Mia has them but the difference this year is ...we are NOT using any inhalers!!! Absolutely NO MEDICATIONS!!! This is the first time since she has been born!! She still gets congested usually at bedtime and when she gets up. I am also very pleased that I have 3/4 less dust in my home!!!! This cuts down my cleaning to now maybe once every week and sometimes every other week. I am in awe...of how much the air filtration system has impacted our lives in such short time. Thank you and have a great day! (Winix Portable Air Cleaner, Abatement Whole Home Air Cleaner)

Eva and Tony Tasillo

We went to Purahome on the advice of family who bought a water system from them, and could not have been more pleased. The water filter system that we purchased was very simple to install, and provides nice clean and refreshing water that tastes incredible! We also purchased a HEPA filter system that ties into your existing ductwork to filter out all of the contaminants in the home's air. The house has a clean and fresh smell, even with an older dog here! Most importantly, though, the staff at Purahome is insanely friendly and great to deal with. They bend over backwards to help you with any questions that you may have about the products and installation concerns. I totally recommend Purahome as one giant step to having a healthier home! (Abatement Whole Home Air Cleaner, Aquaspace Fluoride Mineral Plus Drinking System)

Ron Napolitano

Health is very important to me. I have been a fitness instructor for many years and began experiencing knee pain several years ago.  Wrap-it-Up Raw wraps were created after I changed my diet to reduce my inflammation.  I began focusing on minerals and nutrition with raw foods.

I thought I was making a good choice by drinking Reverse Osmosis water, until I discovered that RO water is “dead water” – it is stripped of all its minerals. I was very excited to learn about the Aquaspace water at Purahome.  It is great water! I love the taste, the toxin removal, and the bacteria removal – especially for creating my raw wraps. Since switching to Aquaspace water, the wraps have improved. They are more pliable and their ends are no longer brittle, and they still taste great! 

I love drinking the Aquaspace water every morning with lemon, and then enjoying it throughout my day in smoothies, recipes, or by itself. Water is a key part of my healthy lifestyle. It is part of my parents’ lifestyle as well and they love the water too. I knew that bottled water wasn’t an option for me or my business and I couldn’t be happier with the Aquaspace Polaris whole home water system. 

Healthy water and minerals are an important part of both my diet and my business. I won’t compromise the integrity of my wraps or the importance of my health. I don’t know all the science behind the technology, but I know how I feel. I’ve seen the difference since my Aquaspace whole home water system was installed and I love it! (Aquaspace Polaris Whole Home Purification System)

Joanne Van Liefland owner of “Wrap-it-Up Raw”

As a cancer survivor, I have changed my diet, my cleaning products and increased regular exercise. I developed a team that included a nutritionist, Iridologist and an RPN for hormone balancing. All roads lead to cleaner water so I invested in a water system at Purahome. It is amazing. It filters out everything and you can no longer smell chlorine (nor do you drink it). I am very pleased. Upon returning to Purahome for a new filter, I discovered Earthing. Wow best gift you can give yourself and your spouse. We have had the best sleep and we no longer snore! The circulation has improved in my left leg. I can only say WOW. Thank you Purahome for being a big part of my self improvement team! (Aquaspace Whole Home Water System)

Brenda Nicholls

I am very pleased. My basement has had a musty smell for years. Within 2 days of installation, the musty smell has all but disappeared! It was clear to me that you are experts so I trusted your recommendations from the onset. The great results are proof. Thank you! (Abatement CAP600UV Whole Home Air Cleaner, Genesis Plasma System, Desert Spring Humidifier System)

Dr. Nick Mlekuz

I purchased the Winix Air Purifier yesterday and I woke up this morning, after sleeping like a baby, with NO sinus pressure! It was amazing! And, my son, who usually sneezes for 10 minutes after waking, only sneezed twice. He felt great too!" (Winix U300 Portable Air Cleaner)

Stacy Prezja

We talked to several companies but the WaterMax was the most impressive system by far. Another reason we chose Purahome was because of the service we were confident they would provide in establishing that there would be issues that would need to be dealt with as they came up. We are extremely pleased with the quality of water and the installation considering all the challenges inherent in our well water as well as keeping a focus on the aesthetics of our winery. We are also very happy with the whole system’s ability to have an adequate supply of treated water for us during our busy times. We are exceptionally pleased! (Hague WaterMax Water Conditioner)

Ed McGronich owner of Flat Rock Cellars Winery

I went through a lot of different air cleaners. I then found Purahome online. They are awesome! I bought a Winix portable air cleaner. There was a big difference in how much more visible and dirty the Winix filters were with use. This was proof for me that it picked up pet dander much better than the Electrolux cleaner I owned. I feel the Winix moves air effectively to clean a good area. I now own 3 Winix purifiers and love them! I would never buy a different air cleaner or deal with a different company other than Purahome. (Winix 9500 Portable Air Cleaners)

Pam Giles

Our son Caleb runs his air cleaner diligently; he’s just that kind of guy.  The biggest update I’d like to give you is that Caleb is doing fantastic.  We have had our miracle and it is quite surreal.  It brings tears to my eyes even to write this as we are so blessed and so overjoyed.  After being told that your child will never get better, and there is nothing anyone can do, it is beyond anything to say that Caleb is without pain for the first time in years.  He now has a chance at a future.  He has started attending school and is one happy kid.  He isn’t out of the woods yet, but the difference is tremendous, and we pray that he will only continue to improve and that he never regresses to the continuous intense pain and inability to function that existed for the past two plus years.

Thanks for all your help and kindness with obtaining our water system and helping us receive the air purifier.  I sent my friend Linda down to see you a few months ago, and she is happy with her water system as well.  (IQAir HealthPro Plus Portable Air Cleaner, Aquaspace Nitrate Mineral Plus Drinking System)

Maria Boerefyn

Mario at Purahome is the most personable and truly knowledgeable professional you will ever meet in the Air Filtration and Water Purification business. I don't easily hand out recommendations as I fully recognize that this puts my reputation on the line but I can easily say without reservation that you will never regret doing business with Mario. If you are serious about the air or water quality in your home or place of business and desire to do business with someone of high integrity, then give Mario a call and you'll be the next person recommending his services. Also, if you are looking for an Air or Water Consultant, you won't find many people with as much knowledge as Mario and you know what, bottom line he's just a great guy to work with - what a bonus! (Aquaspace Nitrate Mineral Plus Drinking System)

Michael Bachert

I would wake up with swollen eyes and often have headaches. Every year I have no choice but to get allergy shots. For 2 years now since our installation, I have had no allergy shots and wake up feeling great in the mornings. The Abatement air cleaner has made a huge difference. (Abatement CAP600UVP Whole Home Air Cleaner)

Renzo Giancaterino

My Earthing experience… I noted the Earthing display in a recent visit to Purahome. I quickly recalled reading about the whole premise of grounding oneself to earth a few years ago; however, being originally skeptical of the idea I never truly gave it a second thought. As I trust and respect Mario for his integrity and knowledge, I questioned him on the basis of the whole “Earthing” concept. As always, Mario took the time to explain in layperson’s terms his view on the theory and supported his beliefs with real world evidence.

Being that the claims made by Mario suited my needs at that specific moment, I purchased a starter kit that very day. To help provide a sense of my needs…I have been battling lower back pain for years. With proper exercise, I have been relatively successful in managing my condition. So much so that I have had the ability to cycle regularly for both health benefits and pleasure. However, cycling can be very demanding. As comfort and recovery time have always been an issue for me, the pain I experienced was simply an accepted part of my attempts to remain fit and enjoy the sport.

Upon first using the Earthing sheet, I began to experience tingling sensations throughout my lower legs similar to using a TENS unit. Only a few days later, the tingling sensations began to intensify. As I continued my exercise routine as usual, I immediately noticed that not only did I feel more energetic, but both my pain and recovery time diminished – I truly was left feeling astonished. More specifically, the lower back pain that I regularly experienced, even without the strain of exercise, had not only reduced, but disappeared entirely. Over time, the tingling sensation from using the Earthing sheet has stopped, but the benefits have continued. From doing my own research, my belief is that the benefits I am experiencing are a direct result of the reduction in inflammation – which Mario originally stated was Earthing’s main benefit.

Upon personally realizing these extraordinary results, I immediately purchased an Earthing patch kit for my Mother. For a number of months, my Mother (a 75 year old woman) was dealing with her own lower back pain; in addition to her back, she had been feeling considerable discomfort in her left knee for some time. After attempting to improve her condition with regular physio treatments, though mobility did improve, unfortunately her discomfort did not. Remarkably, only after a couple of days of Earthing use, she began feeling a slight improvement in both pain levels, and overall energy levels. I continued to monitor her use and general wellbeing over a three week period. I was very pleased to witness a great improvement in my Mom’s condition. My greatest surprise was not only her reduction in pain, but how she always claimed too feel more energetic – hearing this from a 75 year old was amazing.

Simply put, I am very grateful that Mario and his Purahome team have assisted me over the years with my family’s air, and water purification needs…however, I now feel incredibly indebted to Purahome for providing the opportunity and helping me experience the extraordinary benefits of Earthing firsthand. I look forward to living a continued “grounded” life for better health! (Earthing product)

Rob S.

I first noticed how I felt better in the Purahome store on my initial visit.  My throat felt better as it was not strained. I felt better in general. My breathing also improved.

The air purifier has saved me. It is at my business and I now feel good at work.

At home, I use the Alkalizing carafe and this has also has improved my wellness. I now have a curbed appetite and I don’t get cravings like I used to.  They’re simply not as bad, especially sugar and chocolates and I don’t experience as much acid reflux.

My daughter Karen is not bothered by acid reflux as frequently either. (Aquaspace Ion Carafe, IQAir HealthPro Plus Portable Air Cleaner)

Liz Kowalik

I recommend Purahome to all my clients as well as several of my colleagues and I have received nothing but positive feedback from all of them. I have been dealing with Purahome for over ten years and I'm always moved by the knowledge and passion that Mario and his staff have to educate others. It gives me great peace of mind to know the quality behind the Aquaspace water filtration technology, not to mention the clean taste it gives our water. Being a health professional as well as a mother, I'm far too familiar with all the harmful contaminants we are bombarded with daily.  I know that by removing harmful contaminants I feel are more than our bodies can handle, this contributes greatly to our overall health. Thank you Purahome for caring. I can never say enough good things about Mario and his company. (Aquaspace Drinking System)

Vikki Blackmore

My congestion is so bad that I wake up in the middle of the night because I cannot breathe through my nose. I then have to rely on medicine to open my passageways.

By the second night, after purchasing our Winix PlasmaWave Air cleaners, I was able to sleep through the night without waking up! I cannot remember the last time this has happened. I woke up being able to breathe through my nose. My right nostril was completely open and I only had some partial congestion in my left nostril.

The particle levels when tested were much better. Within 30 minutes, the air in our main floor was more than 50% cleaner!  The units have really helped me. We are very happy with them. We are very happy with our cleaner air! (Winix Portable Air Cleaner)

Mr. Mottola

My daughter has juvenile diabetes, the blotches on her legs from poor circulation disappeared when she started with the alkalized water, incredible! For me personally, I was told by my Naturopath and have now switched from Reverse Osmosis to Aquaspace water for my health. (Aquaspace Ion Carafe)


Charlie Mabon

Finally, I can palate a 2nd glass of water now.  The cold tea I drink tastes much better and not bitter like it did before when using a previous water system.  My digestion has improved within 1 week. 

Also, my daughter came over for a visit from Toronto.  She enjoyed our water so much that we gave her our Aquaspace Alkalizing Carafe and we ended up buying another one from Purahome. (Aquaspace Alkalizing Carafe)

My wife has had testing on her breathing and oxygen in her blood, all back to normal!!  Her oxygen went from around 50% to over 90% or normal!!!  Also, she was sneezing frequently before the units were installed in our home.  The sneezing is now down to a minimum. My wife coughed often and now she is only coughing for a short while after we vacuum.  Also, the musty smell in the basement is now gone.  The air quality is much better. Thank you! (Abatement CAP600 and Plasma System)

With just one day of the Purahome HRV being installed, I already noticed a difference in my home.  My wife prepared a delicious “smelly” meal and the food odour was gone in the house very quickly. 

I’d also like to comment on my satisfaction with the clean work done by the installer.

Lastly, I’ll mention that we were given this quote for a heat recovery ventilation unit.  The price we have been quoted by Purahome is $1000 less than another company, including installation. (Greentek HRV PH7.15)

Mac Horne

I am incredibly impressed with the knowledge, professionalism and genuine compassion that Purahome represents. Every product they sell is scientifically based and Mario will take the time to thoroughly explain and demonstrate the science behind each product.

Our quality of life has improved because of Purahome. I purchased a portable air purifier to clean our air from the attached neighbours who smoke, I bought a portable water carafe to drink alkaline water and my favourite purchase was the earthing products! If you haven't heard of earthing please research it! While Mario was demonstrating the science behind the product I felt tingling in my arm while being grounded and decided to invest in the half sheet and patches for my lower back pain. I remember my first night sleeping grounded I woke up out of habit to readjust and find a position where my back wouldn't hurt......Only this time my back wasn't in pain! AMAZING!!! I fell in love with this product and believe in it so much that I have bought the grounding sheet for my parents, in-law's and a family member who is currently fighting cancer and they all LOVE the products . What better gift to give than the gift of health! (Earthing product)

I highly recommend visiting Purahome. They are not pushy but will share a wealth of knowledge with you to help you make informed decisions. You won't regret this!!

Janet Tykoliz

I wanted to thank you for the exceptional service and products.  I’ve been using the alkaline water Ion Carafe since April of 2012.  I can’t say enough about how great the water tastes and it’s good to know that I’m drinking healthy water. Thank you for providing a remarkable technology! (Aquaspace Ion Carafe) 

I was looking for equipment to clean the air in our home, something to deal with airborne contaminants.  Mario Di Franco educated me on the fact that it’s the nano-particles (very, very small particulate) in the air that can make their way deep in to our lungs causing damage. My body has some immune system challenges and I knew I had to do something with having knowledge about the poor air quality in the Niagara area.  In the first 24 hours of the unit’s operation, I noticed a significant improvement in the air quality in the home! Thank you for the education and the means to help strengthen my body’s immune system. (IQAir HealthPro Plus Portable Air Cleaner)

I cannot say enough about this Winix portable air purifier. I have the unit set up in the bedroom. Before having the purifier, whenever I would experience very busy and high stress times, my husband reported that I would snore. I would wake up in the morning feeling un-refreshed and still very tired. The very first night the Winix was used, my husband told me that he didn’t hear anything except breathing from me and no snoring! It has been over a month and I’m sleeping so much better. This paints a clear picture to me that I’m breathing better and that my health has improved. This is truly remarkable and I wouldn’t believe how effective this technology is unless I tried it for myself. With performance like this, I will not hesitate to recommend Purahome’s products to anybody. (Winix WAC 9500 Portable Air Cleaner)

Marybeth Haines

My experience with Purahome has been absolutely incredible. The level of knowledge and professionalism conveyed to our clinic and the patients we send to Purahome is truly remarkable. We currently use the Winix PlasmaWave Air purifier and the Aquaspace water filtration system at our clinic and our patients always comment on how clean the air feels and how wonderful our water tastes. Ultimately, I want the best for my patient’s health and when I send them to Mario and the Purahome team that is exactly what they receive. Many patients from our clinic have also personally mentioned to me, that the quality of service and products they received from Purahome was truly outstanding and surpassed all expectations. Thank you for putting the health of our patients first and for being amazing at what you do. (Winix Portable Air Cleaner, Aquaspace Nitrate Mineral Plus Drinking System)

Dr. Kenneth Groves

We love drinking our Aquaspace water. Aside from being extremely healthy, it tastes so good. We have a hard time drinking water anywhere else, bottled or from any other source. We feel much more refreshed after drinking Aquaspace water. When our friends come over and try our water, they always ask why it tastes so good. The tap water where we live is very metallic tasting, and regular filters do not filter out the metallic taste out. It's nice to know we are drinking water that not only tastes good, but is also good for us. We feel more energized, and more refreshed. It gives us peace of mind knowing that we are drinking water that is good for us and our baby. It's literally all we drink. Give it a try and you'll never go back to any other type of water! (Aquaspace Carafe)

Anthony & Sarah Celli

First of all, we would like to express our eternal gratitude to Mario and Purahome staff for the numerous ways our family has experienced benefits to our overall health through the implementation of your products! 

The initial benefit of our HRV was experienced by our daughter who had suffered with night time stuffiness since she'd been old enough to express it. Through her young life we'd had her in to an ENT Specialist, she'd had X-Rays of her nasal passages which didn't show any issues, and had been provided a nasal spray (FLONASE) which had provided no relief. We felt helpless as her sleep was continually disrupted almost nightly; and in turn, so was ours. After the installation of the HRV, and in the 5 years since, she has been able to sleep with almost no complaints of "stuffiness"!

Every October, the interior of our home (new build in 2003) would change overnight with the outside temperature. The windows would have a "sheet" of water each morning (see photos). I would spend time every single morning, going to each window with a squeegee and rags cleaning up the water in efforts to protect our family from mould. 

With the installation of the HRV that problem has completely cleared up and we are so happy to have that health threat removed from our home!

We recently did some home renovations and were concerned about the "off-gassing". We didn't really realize how well the HRV works in that respect. We suffer with a chronic illness and are highly sensitive to VOC's etc., and we are so pleased to report that there have been no ill effects to our health from these renovations and new materials.

The HRV is very easy to use and maintain. The courteous staff at Purahome remind us when we need to change/purchase new filters, help us evaluate any changes we could make and there's nothing easier than the Benefect Disinfectant spray for sanitizing the interior of the HRV! (It's a good hand sanitizer too!)

We cannot say enough good things about the staff at Purahome! They are kind, generous and caring people who take the time to go over the options and benefits of all their products. They truly care about your health and how they can help improve it. (Greentek HRV, Aquaspace Nitrate Mineral Plus Drinking System)

Melissa and Dean Young

I love the air purifying system! It has been phenomenal. My sleep is so much better, I am able to breathe and sleep through the night. My skin has healed so much. The air purifier has changed everything! Even my 2 cats look better. Thank you for everything. I even let my Naturopath know about Purahome. (Abatement CAP600 Whole Home Air System, Genesis Triple Plasma System)

Joanie Vanbreda

I am very pleased! I am thrilled with my drinking water. Also, my skin is lovely and soft. I also want to thank you for being not only a very honest company, you have always taken much time with me patiently to explain what is important for me to know about protecting my health. You have also answered all my questions after installation in my home. I really trust you. (Aquaspace Polaris Whole Home Water Purification System)

Sonia Hoad

As a local natural health and wellness hub, we consider Mario and the Purahome team the “go-to” experts in the area for home wellness, and particularly air and water purification. We use both systems here in the store, and now many of our customers and staff members have chosen to do the same in their own homes. Mario’s depth of knowledge in the field – as well as his depth of character as a person – brings a genuine trust factor that makes it a pleasure to do business with him and to refer others. (Aquaspace Nitrate Mineral Plus Drinking System)

Jason Sebeslav owner of "The Peanut Mill"

I am a family doctor with a busy practice. For myself personally, I was taking 4 different drugs to help with my strong allergies. I met with Purahome and was impressed by their knowledge and showroom so I asked if they can come to my home. Purahome sized and installed HEPA filtration with plasma technology for my home to try and help me. I can't believe the difference. I am no longer on any of my previous meds! I only use eye drops when necessary now. My sister would not be able to stay in my home before as I have a dog and she is now fine when she visits. I let my patients know about Purahome. (Abatement CAP600UVP Whole Home Air Cleaner, Aquaspace Polaris Whole Home Filtration System)

Dr. Jen Frendo

We are very happy with the air! We find it so much easier to breathe now in our work environment.  In running my denture clinic, I developed a lingering dry cough.  Whenever my wife would push gently on my chest, it forced me to cough.  Ever since the install of our HRV and HEPA in our Denture Clinic, my dry cough has disappeared! I feel better. Odours and chemical vapours from the lab and also the eating area would permeate into the front customer waiting room.  This problem no longer exists because of the air exchange and air distribution designed by Purahome for inside our clinic.  I also noticed another benefit.  By the end of the working day, I used to have to wipe my eyes to remove the particle buildup from my tear-drop glands. Now, at the end of the working day, I no longer have this issue!  We are very happy! (Epurair HEPA Whole Home Air Cleaner and HRV Systems)

Dan Grabowski owner of Denture Clinic

Everything about our Purahome experience is very wonderful – the storefront, the products and the installers. We love all your products! We will keep in touch. We could not be happier! We certainly always recommend you to others. (Aquaspace Polaris Bio 4 Whole Home Water System, AquaPower Joint, Desert Spring Humidifier)

Mitch and Stephanie Clarke

As a nutrition and lifestyle coach, I have to be very careful what I offer to my clients. In talking to Purahome, I saw how Purahome products are carefully researched and of an excellent quality that will ensure your health for many years. This is why I recommend Purahome to all my clients and use their products personally in my home. Every one of my customers that I have referred to Purahome has told me their experience with Purahome has been excellent. (Aquaspace Fluoride Drinking System, Winix Portable Air Cleaner)

Stephanie Dodier, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

We would like to thank you for our IQAir purifier we recently purchased from Purahome. We find the air to be very crisp and fresh. Our cat Pistachio would also like to thank you. For the last couple of years she has had a skin aliment which our Vet thought was food  related, we switched to other brands to no avail,  but it looks like it was dust mites or something in the air that gave her a problem. In the 2 weeks we have had our IQAir it has cleared up completely, not more scratching at herself, and a happy cat makes us happy. Thanks again. (IQAir HealthPro Plus Portable Air Cleaner)

Mr. and Mrs. Hole

I wanted to thank you for the great advice, service and products! The alkaline water carafe worked amazing to help my mother. She had gout on her foot and since drinking alkaline water, the gout is more than half gone! It took only a couple weeks to notice the huge improvement. The pain in her foot that was unbearable is completely gone and the swelling is less than half of what it was. There was one other great surprise from drinking alkaline water- within two weeks my mother went from taking about 8 to 9 antacid Tums a day to nothing!!! She used to have Tums containers all over the house, in her car, purse.... everywhere. She literally has not taken an antacid in over two months now! Thank you for providing such a great product! (Aquaspace Ion Carafe)

Tanya Menion

Mario and Carrie are quintessential professionals. Purahome is absolutely committed to customer care - Mario spent a solid hour with us choosing a water filtration system that was right for our home. The entire team is incredibly knowledgeable and the products sold are carefully researched. If you are interested in improving your health and quality of water and air in your home, there is simply no better place to go. (Aquaspace Drinking System & Winix Portable Air Cleaner)

Darren Craig

I suffer with allergies. I can breathe now, I was 50% better within a few days of the install. I am very pleased. (Abatement CAP600UVP Whole Home Air Cleaner, Genesis Plasma System)

Barb Lemire

We love our water now!  We really enjoy it. When we were under renovations, we didn’t have the Aquaspace water and we couldn’t believe the difference. I know the difference now! (Aquaspace Polaris Whole Home Water Filtration System)

Mona and Claude Noel

After speaking to Mario at Purahome, he recommended and installed air filters at my Dental office. He explained how they work and recommended air filter units specific for the procedures done in the individual rooms. My office gets new filtered air circulated about every 21 minutes. Many patients comment that the office does not have a chemical smell and that the air feels very clean.

In my home, I had the whole home Aquaspace system installed. I had been drinking mostly tap water. I also had been having allergy-type symptoms for several years that were bad enough sometimes to prevent sleep at night. The cause was undiagnosed, even after several specialist appointments and many tests. The Aquaspace system was installed in Oct 2008 and my symptoms started disappearing in March 2009. The water was the only change that I made in my lifestyle. It was an unbelievable relief. I have recently added the Vitalizer to my home and have added alkaline water to my daily intake. I feel great! (IQAir Portable Air Cleaner, Aquaspace Polaris Whole Home Water System, AquaPower Joint Vitalizer)

Dr. Elke Krach

I just wanted to send a quick note to express my thoughts concerning my recent transaction with your company.

Firstly, the product, a Winix 9300, is remarkable. It has exceeded my expectations by a country mile. Makes me wonder why people continue to waste money on the "big" names in the "big box" stores that seem to me to be little more than glorified fans. The "reactive" aspect of the Winix is amazing.

Next, and as equally important was the service. I had a lengthy conversation with Vince, who was incredibly helpful, and a genuinely nice guy. I couldn't have been more impressed. And further, the unit arrived within a couple of days - and I live in the boonies of northern Ontario.

I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anybody. (Winix 9300 Portable Air Cleaner)

Colin Ashford

We are expecting a child in a couple of months. Knowing how bad tap and bottled water are for us, we contacted Purahome for assistance in making our drinking/shower water as harm-free as possible. Purahome installed the Aquaspace Polaris 4 whole home purification system at an affordable cost. We saw hot this system was clearly different from anything else we found. Ever since the installation, we love our water. We feel we have not only great tasting, clean water but ultimately healthy water! Thank you Purahome! (Aquaspace Polaris Whole Home Water Filtration System)

My wife and I recently moved into our newly built home and had Purahome install a whole home heat recovery ventilator from Greentek. Purahome also balanced the HRV and from what I understand, very few installers do. We are both glad we had this done as all new homes have lots of moisture and organic vapours in them. This product worked great at reducing the moisture and reducing all the harmful gases and smells out of the air such as paints, glues, drywall etc. Our new home does not smell like a new home! (Greentek PH 7.15 HRV)

Guilio Bevilacqua

In June of last year, my wife and I purchased an air exchanger and HEPA air filter for our new home from Mario at PURAHOME.  We feel that this purchase has proven to be one of the best investments we’ve made for our house. There were several factors that prompted us to search for a suitable air exchanger and filter: Being a newly built home, we found that there was a lot of condensation that was accumulating on our window sills in winter and the air in the house generally seemed too damp. Also, both of us are allergy sufferers and wanted to cut down on the amount of dust and allergens in the air.

It was quite astonishing – within hours of the system being installed in our house, we noticed an immediate difference. The air seemed cleaner and fresher. Also, the amount of dust in our home has decreased.  We have been monitoring the window sills in our home this past winter, and not surprisingly, we have not had the same problems as we had last winter before the system was installed.

My wife and I both feel that the investment we made in this system has greatly improved the quality of the air inside our home. We would recommend the system that we purchased to any homeowner.  More importantly, I would also highly recommend Mario and PURAHOME – the level of service that we have received from this company has been amazing. (Epurair MA1 Whole Home Air Cleaner and HRV)

Anita and Arden Cheng

I have had the Aquaspace system for 2 weeks now and have been on an increased water intake regiment that I wanted to go on for a long time. I was hesitant due to water in Toronto being fluoridated, which had recently been proven to have a very bad effect on our health. I am thrilled to report that since the new installation and since I have started drinking more water I have noticed a dramatic change in how I feel. I wake up easier in the morning and my body feels much lighter throughout the day. I get more energy and feel light with improved mood. Not surprising, eh?
I have recommended the system to one of my coworkers who has reverse osmosis system, and have been supplying my mom and a friend with filtered water. I think that pure water is the best gift anyone can receive.

Thank you so much for making this happen! (Aquaspace Fluoride Mineral Plus Drinking System)

Dimitri Razine

I sleep in a bedroom located in the basement.  I had a hard time sleeping because of the musty smell and that is now non-existent.  I finally sleep excellent! With there being no exhaust in the kitchen, there were always odours.  Within 30 minutes of running the unit, the odours were gone! (Abatement CAP600UVP Whole Home Air Cleaner)

Bente Nielson

My family has enjoyed the benefits of the Aquaspace Nitrate Mineral Plus drinking system since September 2009. After considerable research, in our opinion Aquaspace is the most elaborate and sophisticated water purification system available. It is a massive understatement to say you can taste the difference versus tap water. With every sip we feel you are getting the most healthy and best tasting water possible. My three year old son will actually refuse tap water because the taste is so dramatically different. We have peace of mind knowing we are providing our family with superior water for drinking and cooking. (Aquaspace Nitrate Mineral Plus Drinking System)

Brad Hubbard

My wife Linda has always had asthma but never this bad. The last 7 months, she has had bad breathing and coughing. We have only had the IQAir purifier for a few days but my wife’s asthma has settled down. There is a real improvement in her breathing and a lot less coughing! She has been getting post nasal drip from infected sinuses that lead to constant throat clearing but this has improved also! She is also sleeping much better at night. (IQAir HealthPro Plus Portable Air Cleaner)

Terry Nelson

I like that Purahome does not offer flow-through systems (good for microbial prevention but wasteful of water) and antiquated drum-style humidifiers (good for water usage but poor for microbial contamination and maintenance). I wanted to conserve energy and water while humidifying my home, which is why the Desert Spring whole-home humidifier I purchased from Purahome was the perfect choice. (Desert Spring Humidifier System)

Richard Thomas

I've had my water filters for more than a year now and could not be more satisfied.  I can’t believe how clean the water tastes. The difference was immediately apparent when I first installed my filters and since then other people have noticed the difference as well. The difference has been so apparent that any time I've brought water to social events; picnics, camping, etc. someone always comments on how good the water is.  And, I have the peace of mind that harmful bacteria will not penetrate my drinking water. Purahome took the time to listen to my concerns and answer my questions before making any recommendation.  My filters arrived in less than a week and took literally 5 minutes to install!  From service to product quality, PURAHOME has exceeded my expectations! (Aquaspace Mineral Plus Drinking System)

Ned Georgy

We are also very happy with the Aquaspace water system not just because we no longer have to buy bottles of water, but because it tastes so good.  We miss it when we are away from home and take it with us when possible. …..Well done!  Our health is worth the cost of improving it.  We are spreading the good word about all Purahome Inc. has to offer. (Aquaspace Nitrate Mineral Plus Drinking System, Aquaspace Ion Carafe, Abatement CAP600UVP Whole Home Air Filtration System)

Laura and Chris Van Grieken

I suffer with seasonal and dust mite allergies and am very sensitive to weather changes.  There has been no solution to my ongoing problems with my health. A while ago I bought an air purifier, but was so disappointed with it. It was so inefficient and did not make any difference in how I felt. I have resorted to taking allergy pills such as Reactin and am on puffers to experience only temporary relief. I recently purchased a Winix air purifier. It was like a miracle!  I knew after one night of testing it out in my bedroom that it made a difference. Thanks to Winix, I am sleeping throughout the night. My breathing is normal and I no longer cough. Not only has it helped me out immensely, but my family has also benefited from it. My child also suffers from asthma. It is amazing that there are no coughing sounds in my house when there used to be continuous coughing. Now that I’m sleeping well, I am more energetic when at work and it has also helped with my physical fitness. (I enjoy being very active!) I used to be dependent on my medication and puffers and now, only occasionally when I am outside do I need to use my ventilin puffer. I no longer need my steroid puffer and I am so thrilled about that.  I am amazed that I can buy an incredible air purifier that actually works for such an excellent price. (Winix Portable Air Cleaner)

Percy Chung

I am very happy with my water, loving the water. I drink it all the time, use it in my coffee machine. Also, my fibromyalgia has improved as has my arthritis. I’ve been also doing anti-inflammatory diet to go with my water. (Aquaspace Nitrate Mineral Plus with Alkalizer Drinking System)

Lynne Teather

I think PURAHOME is wonderful! They have been so nice to us.  They made every visit so personalized.  I just love our water! It is so different now.  It’s a brand new experience for us.  At first, we thought it would be too costly, but now we are so thankful we went with the system we did.  It is so well worth it!  Water is such an important part of our lives, and now we can really enjoy it.  I feel and know it is safe, whereas before I would avoid drinking it. Not only do I enjoy the taste of our water, I noticed right away that I no longer get the scum marks on my toilets.  Also, I really noticed a difference in the colour of our water especially when I fill my bathtub.  It used to be a pale yellow colour.   Now I just love my baths maybe using too much water now! I’m going to tell everyone I know about PURAHOME and our water system.  We are so pleased and couldn’t be happier! Thank you! (Hague Whole Home Water Conditioner)

Fern Halliday

There is a definite difference in our air. Our home is fresher. My wife is not a good sleeper and wakes up during the middle of the night. We went away for holidays after the install was done. Ever since we have been back, she has been sleeping soundly and without waking up throughout the night. We appreciate the experience with Mario. He was not pushy. He educated me on indoor air quality. He did not down play any competition. He is not just a salesman. He is very educated and has the proper background. He really knows his stuff. We also appreciate the time taken to come back to our home after the installation. Our air was tested and the results were great. The systems were explained again thoroughly. I know I will always get my questions answered and my systems serviced when required. Thank you. (Epurair MA1 Whole Home Air Cleaner and HRV)

Mr. Rittenhouse

I can't believe how good the water is! We use it for all our cooking. I have a hard time brushing now from the tap because of the smell. This is one of the best investments we have made. (Aquaspace Mineral Plus Drinking System)

Anne Wight

I would wake up and sneeze every morning for about 20-30 times. After the air cleaner, I’ve stopped sneezing in the morning. My daughter has major allergies including eye pain every winter and now they have improved tremendously. My daughter mentioned that when she goes to her friend’s home, she finds her allergies act up. Thank you! (Abatement CAP600UVP Whole Home Air Cleaner)

Josephine Devillis

I really appreciate the easy to use controller with my Greentek Series HRV. I also like that the HRV only needs my attention twice a year. It’s so simple -- I clean the core by simply pulling it out and rinsing it in the laundry tub every 6 months and then using the Microgerme sanitizer. I believe it keeps my air and my family healthier in our new home. (Greentek HRV)

Neeraj Pershad

Our three and five year olds, Alyssa and Christina would not drink water no matter what we tried. We had the Aquaspace system installed and as soon as Christina tried the Aquaspace water, she said “Yummie!”  Now when she gets to choose water or juice, she always chooses water. (Aquaspace Nitrate Mineral Plus Drinking System)

Mike and Paula Weber

Prior to purchasing a Winix 9500 portable air purifier, I experienced stuffiness and now, I hardly even get a nasal drip! My allergies no longer bother me at all and my nose is clear.

Thanks to my air purifier from Purahome, I am sleeping better. The air feels clean and because of that, my bedroom feels like a different room. The air is so fresh and it is such a relief! (Winix WAC9500 Portable Air Cleaner)

Diane Carrie

The purification system throughout the entire house is amazing.  The water has a pure and clean taste.  And we can drink from any tap in the house! Believe me this is a luxury when you have kids who are thirsty in the middle of the night! Cooking with it makes a difference too, my homemade soups and stocks taste better.  Also, all of us have noticed how soft our skin feels after a shower.  And maybe I'm crazy, but I find that it doesn't leave stubborn water spots on my glass showers, I'm not scrubbing forever.  Love the whole house system! It's worth every penny! (Aquaspace Polaris Whole Home Water Filtration System)

Mel Contini

We were looking for equipment to clean the air in our home, something to deal with dust and airborne mould spores. On March 15, 2013, I called Purahome after checking out the yellow pages.  Vince at Purahome was very personable, and knowledgeable about the products.  He took the time to explain our options over the phone, in detail, which was very helpful.

My wife visited the store the same afternoon and she was able to see the various equipment and they took the time to make sure all her questions were answered.

We purchased an IQAir Purifier and a Winix 9500 Purifier to take care of air purification in our 1,600 sq ft bungalow, which has a hot water heating system. Mario, the owner of Purahome phoned us the next day to go over the operation of the units with us.

In the first 24 hours of operation, we noticed a marked improvement in the air quality in the house! 

Service is important to me and I find a lot of businesses either are not knowledgeable about the products and/or don't want to take the time with you.  Dealing with Purahome was a very positive experience and I would recommend them to others. (IQAir HealthPro Plus and Winix Portable Air Cleaners)

Glen and Joan Bowley

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the outstanding service and products (HEPA system and water purification system) you provided Dina and myself. Your products exceeded our expectations; we can now wake up to a fresh aromatic house and drink safe, clean, refreshing water from our water system. This summer we have entertained quite a few people (family & friends) and everyone has been extremely impressed with both systems. I truly believe your products are great, however, your personalized service is EXCELLENT. The Purahome team should be proud of backing quality products and providing exceptional customer service. Whenever we have called your office, you have answered our complicated questions and given us instantaneous service. Dina and I are very pleased to have purchased products from Purahome Inc. and we would gladly recommend your products to anyone and everyone. Keep up the great work! (Epurair MA1 Whole Home Air Cleaner, Aquaspace Nitrate Mineral Plus Drinking System)

Tony Verelli

We can’t believe how different the water now is compared to the Brita. We are more than satisfied! (Aquaspace CA100 Carafe)

The air test in our apartment showed that in about 10 minutes of running our new Winix purifier, our air was about twice as clean, 200% !  We notice the air is definitely cleaner. We are very happy. (Winix U300 Portable Air Cleaner) 

Jay and Ella Lee

We have 2 dogs that sleep in our bedroom right on our bed. The air in the bedroom is now considerably better! When the dogs come in from playing outside, especially now in the Spring, they bring in an “earthy” smell. With our Winix unit, the smell is not observable. We had bought many air filters, but none have been this good! (Winix Portable Air Cleaner)

Tom and Margaret Hall

Why did I choose you...well you gave me a good price to start with but you know your stuff, and you seem to replace "pressure-sales" with solid information on the issues at hand.  Most customers have the smarts to at least recognize that they are missing some information based on what is given, your personal technique is to not leave customers that impression. I walked away with the feeling that I actually learned something...and that is the big point in establishing that relationship of trust....especially when it comes to larger ticket items. I could not get my questions answered by the other company. I am really glad we talked. I'd say that your approach should allow you to earn customers over your competitors the majority of the time. Other than that, the Hague warranty is huge....and therefore is a big endorsement by you.

After the system was installed, I couldn’t believe the difference in our water. The other system just wasn’t working. The rotten egg smell in the water is now completely gone. We used to get a slimy feeling from our water whenever we bathed and that too is now gone. The water is not only odour free, it’s colour free. The orange colour in the water has been eliminated.

Another great benefit is the water pressure. It’s 100% better! (Hague Whole Home Water Conditioner)

Joe Mahoney

My lifestyle has improved.  I sleep better at night.  The purity of the air has given me more comfortable and longer sleeping times. There is a freshness in the air creating a very pleasant atmosphere. There has been a definite decline in my asthma symptoms. I less frequently need my steroid medication. My breathing has improved. My breathing scores that I record with a peak flow meter show an increase in volume. I have had a good year for asthma. Visitors even comment when they walk in to my home. They notice right away that the air is clean and crisp in the house. 

The Aquaspace drinking system has really improved my water. My drinking water now has a nice, refreshing taste. I really enjoy it as a drink. I fill a pitcher and keep it in the fridge. I no longer buy bottled water. My coffee does not seem to taste as bitter. It’s great for making beverages. The shower filter has eliminated the itchy skin feeling I used to get. It has not come back since. I am a very satisfied customer. (Epurair MA1 Whole Home Air Cleaner, Aquaspace Drinking System)

Bob Grand

We never would open our windows because we wanted to keep dirt and dust out of our home. We also kept the doors going into the living and dining rooms closed because the air in these rooms was very stale. Once PURAHOME installed the HEPA filter, we noticed a difference the next morning. The air in the house was fresher. The doors in the living and dining rooms now stay open! (Epurair MA1 Whole Home Air Cleaner and HRV System)

Mrs. Carm Bufalino

We are loving our new, clean air! It smells cleaner in our home and the air is lighter than outside. It’s not as heavy in my lungs! I'm looking forward to seeing what the long term benefits will be on our health. My husband’s allergies were especially bad today, but he was fine once he was home for an hour. I just wanted to say thank you. (Abatement CAP600 Whole Home Air Cleaner)

Teressa Joubert

We’ve noticed a difference right away with the improvement in the air quality.   We feel more rested because we are sleeping better. I have severe allergies; especially this time of year and this has improved as well. Thank you! (Abatement CAP600UV Whole Home Air Cleaner, Genesis Plasma System)

Ward Partridge

My friends had purchased 2 Oreck Air Cleaners. They have 2 cats and a dog.  The husband got a headache overnight and the daughter did not receive any relief from her asthma. They returned the Oreck cleaners and bought a Winix U300 PlasmaWave HEPA. They were so happy with the difference. My other friends went over who have severe allergies to cats and did not have one single reaction to any cat allergens in their home. Very impressive! (Winix Portable Air Cleaners)

Steve Garec

Thank-you so much for our new air filter!  You installed it last Saturday morning, and by Saturday night we already noticed a major difference in the air in the house.  The most startling change is that I haven't been booted out of bed by my wife in the middle of the night for snoring since you installed it!  To understand how significant this is, let me just say that she sleeps lightly, and prior to the installation of the filter I would get elbowed four nights out of five at some point in the night and end up moving to the guest bedroom so that she could sleep.  That hasn't happened once since you've installed the filter. 

Secondly, each morning I wake up breathing through my nose, not my mouth -- again, this is a new experience for me and it sure feels great! Our son is a special needs kid (he has Downs Syndrome) and his sinuses have become a lot more clear already in the first week we've had it. 

Thirdly, we have an old house, and some rooms often used to smell a bit musty.  A closet with my shoes in it often smelled like -- well, old shoes!  The mustiness and old shoe smell have disappeared.  My wife and I are both allergic to mold and mildew, and in the past the air on some days would make our lungs ache a bit.  Again, the lung achiness has simply gone away, even though we have certainly had a number of warm and humid days since you installed the Hepa filter.  So we are very happy customers. Thanks again! (Abatement CAP600 Whole Home Air Cleaner)

Gordon and Holly Gwynne-Timothy

We love the taste and convenience of our drinking water now. I love the fact that I can make it alkaline so effortlessly. We are especially enjoying our showers and baths without the smell of chlorine. (Aquaspace Whole Home Water System)

Tanya Carl

It’s absolutely unbelievable. I can’t believe the difference. I have been heavy headed when waking up.  It’s almost like waking up with a hangover. I struggle to get my work done in my office. I just don’t have enough energy. I am sluggish. A good analogy is like trying to move under water.  The next morning after the units were turned on, I woke up with energy. I felt so much better. I have even been sleeping less because I have more energy and waking up feeling better. I am a lot more alert, a lot more energetic. I’ve gotten work done that hasn’t been done in months. I was able to work all weekend. I feel great! My breathing has improved.  I feel like it has been years since I have been able to breathe this way.  Now I realize just how difficult my breathing has been and I can’t believe it. 

Actually, my first indication was my pets. My male cat is afraid of everything. He slept near the one unit for the first two days. The cats are acting so playful and have more energy too! The musty smell from the lower level was on my cats. Within one day, that smell was gone from them.

I just can’t believe the difference in the air quality in my home. The odour is gone. One word to describe my home is fresh. The air is simply fresh when it used to be musty!  I take everything with a grain of salt but these systems have lived up to everything you said they would. I really appreciate everything PURAHOME has done for me. I will be telling everyone about you! Thank you for all your help. (Sharp Portable Air Cleaner)

Christa Fraser

I am very pleased with the performance of my IQAir.   I have it running basically 24hr/day and feel that the air quality in my home has really improved.  Excellent machine.  (IQAir HealthPro Plus Portable Air Cleaner)

Rob Haynes

Everything is working out just great!  And we are noticing the difference.  Paul no longer has his  nasal drip in the morning!  Also, I am happy to report I have taken my dog off allergy pills and he is doing great! Thanks again for all your help and following up! (Abatement CAP600UVP Whole Home Air Cleaner)

Julie Shukis

I have not felt this good in years. My respirologist has told me my lungs have cleared up. We told him and our cardiologist about you and they both want information. We will tell anyone with sniffles about you. (Sharp Portable Air Cleaners)

Mr. and Mrs. Moes

My nose starts to run during the night and I have to wake up. Once I am awake, I do not fall back asleep. The very first night with our Winix air cleaner in my bedroom was the first night that I can remember that I slept through the night! My husband also! Even though he has no sensitivities, he felt the air was better. (Winix Portable Air Cleaner)

Karen van Ophem

Just a little note to report that the IQAir HealthPro Plus I purchased from you in October is performing very well and has helped my son breathe better. Thank you for your personal attention to my family needs. (IQAir HealthPro Plus Portable Air Cleaner)

W. Joubert

My wife noticed a difference immediately in the bedroom. The Winix kept the dust levels down and the air feels clearer. Now that we know, we have bought an additional unit! (Winix Portable Air Cleaners)

Carlo Turavani

Robert and I would like to thank you very much for helping us choose the IQAir Purifier for our home.

We both notice a big difference in the air quality, especially with the pet odours. My health has really improved too! I’m only using my puffer about a third of the time. I also have less headaches and sleep better! (IQAir HealthPro Plus Portable Air Cleaner)

Pat Yeoman

I am extremely pleased with my Sharp portable air purifier. I love it! I can tell that there’s no odours in my apartment. When my home is closed (after being away from it all day), there is always a smell.  That smell is now gone.  When my brother came over, I asked him if he could smell anything and he said he could smell nothing. The odours are finally gone. (Sharp Portable Air Cleaner)

Diane Marshall

I suffer from allergies. Within 1 hour of being in our office where we have the IQAir portable air cleaner, my symptoms are gone. It makes such a big difference! (IQAir HealthPro Plus Portable Air Cleaner)

Julie from Dr. Les Szoke

I can’t go to work unless my purifier is running. I can’t believe the difference it has made for me. (Sharp Portable Air Cleaner)

Tino Ligotti

I am so thrilled with the Winix portables that I purchased from Purahome.  I bought one for my daughter who suffers from asthma, has two cats and lives with someone who smokes inside the apartment.  Her first night of having the purifier, she woke up without a sore throat and breathing clearly not through her mouth but her nose. To know my daughter is finally experiencing relief is worth a million dollars. Thanks to Purahome and Winix, I can now have peace of mind.

For myself, I struggle with allergies and my sinuses. The biggest most important benefit for me of the Winix unit is there is a lightness in the air. The air went from being dense, heavy and me feeling every breath to feeling light and my lungs are completely opened up.  With the Winix unit, I no longer have to struggle to breath like breathing through a straw and my sinuses have completely cleared up. With allergies, I normally feel clamed up and now my breathing is so much easier and not laboured.

In our Special Education classroom, the area where the Winix unit is running, there are medically fragile students who have serious respiratory challenges. They too are experiencing “relief” because what would normally hinder their breathing is now eliminated by the purifier. Staff can’t believe how the odour that seems to always linger in this room is no longer there. (Winix Portable Air Cleaner)

Kim Davis

I wanted to tell you that we purchased the Winix air purifier when I was having asthma attacks. We live in a 220 year old house with a huge dog and a cat, I found within the first 24 hours that my breathing was easier and over the next few days the asthma cleared up completely. We use the air purifier around the clock and find the air in the house seems clearer and thankful that Mark suggested an air purifier for my problem. Very happy with our purifier. (Winix Portable Air Cleaner)


The service you have provided us with both our water filter system and air system was about as good as anyone could ask for. That is why after our first purchase we went to you a second time. Your company is great to deal with and I have no issue recommending anyone to purchase one of your products. (Epurair Furnace Filter & Whole Home Chlorine Filter)

Mike & Carey Dupuis

Very happy with our purchases from Purahome. Water system is great! Also purchased the Abatement HEPA system with the Plasma which has worked wonders cutting down on pet odors in our home as well as allergens. Would recommend!!!!! Thanks Purahome!!!!! (Abatement Whole Home Air Cleaner, Aquaspace Drinking System, UV Dynamics, Aqua Power Joint)

Leah Hawkins

We noticed a big difference between Aquaspace filtration and the carbon filter. The water tastes so much better and we can tell it's cleaner. There's no comparison to bottled water! (Aquaspace Whole Home Water System)

Dom De Angelis

What a wonderful experience! Thank you so much for the fantastic customer service and guidance! I am so happy with my new Aquaspace home system! I am confident that the science behind your products will improve my health and well being:) Thank you! (Aquaspace Whole Home Water System)

Jennifer Dowden

Just wanted to say thank you to Mark and the Purahome team. We installed an air and water purification system in August 2016 after the wildfire in Fort McMurray before bringing our young family back in mid-September for good. A few weeks after we arrived home, there were posts on one of the local forums from people who live in our neighbourhood about how bad the water was.... because of our Purahome system, we had no clue! The water is awesome and we have peace of mind knowing our family is protected from the after effects of the wildfire. (Abatement Whole Home Air Cleaner & Aquaspace Whole Home Water System)

Warren & Denise S.

Everything was and is great. I love the taste of our water and I am drinking more than before because it tastes great even if it's not cold. With our old filter I had to make sure it was really cold first. I love the water for bathing too. So much better. (Aquaspace Whole Home Water System)

Sarah B.

The water tastes crisper and cleaner... the way nature intended it to be! (Aquaspace Drinking System)

Josie Cicero

Since having our air system installed, I have only had three headaches! Three! I have to tell you, the air in our home is so fresh; when I wake up in the morning, I am actually awake and alert. It is like nothing I have ever experienced before; the air in our home feels refreshing and energizing. In the past, my husband would get a stuffy nose when he started to feel tired in the evenings. It was like his body's way of telling him "OK, time for bed!" He would go through boxes of kleenex a week. Since having our system installed, he hasn't' needed any kleenex. We are just so happy with our air. Thank you Purahome! (Abatement Whole Home Air Cleaner)


I moved into a new building and developed a chronic cough. I put the portable Winix air cleaner in the office and it has been gone ever since! Amazing product and experience with Purahome. (Winix Portable Air Cleaner)


We are very pleased with the Abatement HEPA filtration and Aquaspace water purification system. Since installation we haven’t had any questions as at the meeting at your office you provided a very good overview of the systems and how they work. Installation was handled professionally and even identified changes that had to be made with the plumbing of the home that made it more functional. It is very comforting knowing the quality of both the air and water make for a healthier home. On a personal note, I have a touch of allergies which presents as sneezing for an hour or two first thing in the morning. Having a dog doesn’t help but with the HEPA system, I find that I haven’t been sneezing in the morning so many thanks. I also like your system of tracking when filters should be changed. We haven’t had to yet due to the newness of the system, but knowing you are keeping track is comforting as I would surely forget. Many thanks and looking forward to our continued relationship." (Abatement CAP1200UV, Triple Plasma, Aquaspace Clean Polaris Bio 3, Aqua Power Joint)

Allison & Dave M.

I have to tell you that the first night we used the earthing throw on the bed (while we were waiting for the sheet to come in), both of us said it was the best night's sleep we have ever had! When we started with the other items (body band, universal mat), I was in a lot of pain. I have something called 'trigeminal neuralgia' which is episodic, and I happened to be in a major flare that week. So, I used the earthing products almost continually for a few days. It helped ease the pain, I must say. And, I do believe it has been very helpful in reducing my fibromyalgia pain too! I have been posting about earthing on Facebook, and sharing the Purahome Facebook links on my page. I have also lent the book out to others, and have been spreading the word. Thanks so much for checking in on us! (Earthing product)

Brenda S.

I can’t believe how I feel, I feel way better! I no longer get dizzy when I bend over. My knee pain is gone, the inflammation and bloated knee is gone! I’ve had the knee problem as long as I can remember! (Earthing product)

Mrs. Pirillo

As a cancer survivor, within 30 minutes of Earthing, my face turned blush red, and both myself and my husband slept way better that very first night. The very next day of earthing, the neuropathy (lack of circulation) in my feet and hands was 95% better! (Earthing product)

Kate M.

We bought this air purifier for our basement area as I have trouble breathing. After the first day of using this, my breathing has greatly improved. My eyes aren't as itchy, I have more energy, and I generally feel a lot better. This, from someone who has had cancer, has a pacemaker, and has lung troubles. A great air purifier that has greatly helped me.

We also bought a smaller unit (U-300) for my wife for upstairs in her bedroom. She has had an annoying cough for almost 2 years. After the first night, the cough is gone! It has been great not hearing her cough all day long for no reason. The water system you installed was also great for her. She would never drink water, and now it is her drink of choice and loves making her tea with this new purified water. And she is proud to offer water to our guests! (Winix HR-950, Winix U-300, Aquaspace Mineral +)

Thank you Purahome!

Bill & Barb W.

I am so loving my air purifier! I notice a big difference in my nose!....both during the night and upon waking up. Wow! (Winix HR-950)

Deborah T.

Thank you for introducing us to the Winix Air Purifier we purchased from you. Since we've had it in the house, I am breathing much better and coughing less. I feel much more confident about my upcoming eye surgery knowing that I am not coughing all the time. The purifier has also provided great fun for my grandsons who have discovered they can make the air quality light change colour by farting near the machine. The joys of little boys! Also, our nephew has bad asthma and allergies and is going to go to the allergist so had to stop taking his puffer. He was really struggling. So, we let him come over just to sit in our living area with the air purifier on and he is doing much better now as we speak!

Norma & Rob

I am really happy with my system and my wife feels it has made a difference with her health. Also the installer was very good and he did a few extra things for me so I was very happy with him as well. I am so glad I came to see you that day instead of just ordering another reverse osmosis Thank You for your help, Jim

Jim T

I have to get another bottle for my husband, I am drinking more water now, I can’t believe how much difference the Flaska glass bottle made!

Georgette D.

I love Flaska, it's smoother, its easier to drink more water, I really love my water

Diane T.

Everything going good so far. I do notice a difference with my skin. It’s not as itchy as it once was so I’m sure the water was a big part of the problem. We are quite pleased with the system and with your service up to this date.

Gloria R