Healthy Home Success Stories


Howard and Wendy called us because Wendy became sick after moving into their newly constructed home. Wendy experienced heaviness in her lungs and developed a consistent cough. Previously, she had no health issues. They had purchased a portable air cleaner from a big box retail store and located in it in their master bedroom. After the appointment was booked and before we made it to their home, Wendy had to go to the Emergency department of the local hospital where she was told she would need an inhaler.

At the initial site visit, when we tested their air quality, we detected 350,000 particles in one cubic foot of outside air. This is indicative of good outside air quality. When testing inside their new home, the particle count was more than double at 755,000 particles in a cubic foot of air. When inside air particulate is in higher concentration than outside, the health of the home and occupants is severely compromised. As well, we tested the portable purifier they purchased at only 20% efficiency.

The home also had a new home smell on the top 2 finished floors. The unfinished basement had a concrete, chalky smell and lots of fine dust. Howard and Wendy’s home had 2000 square feet in size of finished living space.

Scientific Analysis

Abatement CAP600 UVP HEPA purifier


We needed to greatly improve the amount of ultra-fine particulate in the home relative to outside levels. This particulate was likely responsible for Wendy’s new consistent cough. For this reason, we recommended an Abatement CAP600 UVP HEPA purifier. This purifier is capable of purifying all the air inside Wendy and Howard’s home approximately every 26 minutes! A smaller purifier, while still efficient at ultrafine particulate capture, would not give Wendy the desired result she needs for her health.

To address the home being far too air-tight likely causing the general sense of fatigue in Wendy, and also wanting to reduce Wendy and Howard’s exposure to VOCs and other off gassing compounds, we highly recommend heat recovery ventilation. We chose the Greentek C 3.14 HRV ES as it provided the proper range of air flow based on engineering calculations for a home this size. Too much ventilation and the home become too dry; resulting in wood getting damaged, viruses potentially thriving and a sense of the home being cool and not comfortable in the winter. Not enough ventilation and the VOCs will still be in too high a concentration in the home continuing to lead to Sick Building Syndrome.

Customer Follow-up


“She is so much better!!!!! Wendy’s cough has disappeared and she no longer has that heavy feel in her lungs. There are no more smells in the home! We are telling all our friends and family about you!” - Howard

And yes, the portable air cleaner was returned for a full refund!