Health Professional Testimonials

Dr. Kenneth Groves 
My experience with Purahome has been absolutely incredible. The level of knowledge and professionalism conveyed to our clinic and the patients we send to Purahome is truly remarkable. We currently use the Winix PlasmaWave Air purifier and the Aquaspace water filtration system at our clinic and our patients always comment on how clean the air feels and how wonderful our water tastes. Ultimately, I want the best for my patient’s health and when I send them to Mario and the Purahome team that is exactly what they receive. Many patients from our clinic have also personally mentioned to me, that the quality of service and products they received from Purahome was truly Inspire Health Niagaraoutstanding and surpassed all expectations. Thank you for putting the health of our patients first and for being amazing at what you do.
Dr. Kenneth Groves, HBSc, ND, Chief Medical Officer, Inspire Health Niagara Integrative Medical Clinic 

Vikki BlackmoreI recommend Purahome to all my clients as well as several of my colleagues and I have received nothing but positive feedback from all of them. I have been dealing with Purahome for over ten years and I'm always moved by the knowledge and passion that Mario and his staff have to educate others. It gives me great peace of mind to know the quality behind the Aquaspace water filtration technology, not to mention the clean taste it gives our water. Being a health professional as well as a mother, I'm far too familiar with all the harmful contaminants we are bombarded with daily.  I know that by removing harmful contaminants I feel are more than our bodies can handle, this contributes greatly to our overall health. Thank you Purahome for caring. I can never say enough good things about Mario and his company. 
Vikki Blackmore -  RMT, I graduated from Toronto's private renowned institute of Sutherland-Chan school of Massage Therapy in 2000. I have a well established massage therapy practice that I own.  I have a passion for continuing education in the health field as I will be graduating as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner in a few months from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition.  I am a mother of two boys that are also passionate about their health. 
After speaking with Purahome, I was impressed and had them do air quality testing in my Dental Office. After the testing, Purahome explained hoDr. Elke Krachw the specialized air purifiers work and recommended air filter units specific for the procedures done in my individual rooms with technologies specific to my situation.  With the installation of the air purifiers, my office receives new filtered air circulated about every 21 minutes based on their calculations. Many patients now comment that the office does not have a chemical smell and that the air feels very clean.

In my home, I had the whole home Aquaspace Water filtration installed. I had been drinking mostly tap water. I also had been having allergy-type symptoms for several years that were bad enough sometimes to prevent sleep  at night. The cause was undiagnosed, even after several specialist appointments and many tests. The Aquaspace system was installed in Oct 2008 and my symptoms started disappearing in March 2009. The water and air  were the only changes that I made in my lifestyle. It was an unbelievable relief! I have recently added the Water Vitalizer to my home and have added alkalized water to my daily intake. I feel great!

Dr. Elke Krach - Dentist, Licensed Medical Acupuncture, Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor 



I am a family doctor with a busy practice. For myself personally, I was taking 4 different drugs to help with my strong allergies. I met with Purahome and was impressed by their knowledge and showroom so I asked if they can come to my home. Purahome sized and installed HEPA filtration with plasma technology for my home to try and help me. I can't believe the difference. I am no longer on any of my previous meds! I only use eye drops when necessary now. My sister would not be able to stay in my home before as I have a dog and she is now fine when she visits. I let my patients know about Purahome.

Dr. Jen Frendo - Family Doctor  


The Peanut Mill


As a local natural health and wellness hub, we consider Mario and the Purahome team the “go-to” experts in the area for home wellness, and particularly air and water purification. We use both systems here in the store, and now many of our customers and staff members have chosen to do the same in their own homes. Mario’s depth of knowledge in the field – as well as his depth of character as a person – brings a genuine trust factor that makes it a pleasure to do business with him and to refer others.

Jason Sebeslav - owner of the Peanut Mill Supplements and Natural Foods Market


  Stephanie Dodier

As a nutrition and lifestyle coach, I have to be very careful what I offer to my clients. In talking to Purahome, I saw how Purahome products are carefully researched and of an excellent quality that will ensure your health for many years. This is why I recommend Purahome to all my clients and use their products personally in my home. Every one of my customers that I have referred to Purahome has told me their experience with Purahome has been excellent.

Stephanie Dodier, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach CNP NNCP



We have an IQ Air and Winix air purifier in our laser eye surgery/operating room for improved protection of our patients. In tLasik Provision Logohe laser hair removal room, the Winix Plasma HEPA purifier has completely removed the odour. Purahome was professional in how they came and tested our work space where patient care is critical. They were thorough in their testing and explanation of what was required and why. I now feel 100 times better!!!! I feel like I’ve been at a spa. Even though the purifiers are at my work, I am sleeping better! This has all made a huge difference in improving my life!  (Winix U450 and IQAir HP+)

Adrienne Furney, Nurse and Director of Aesthetics at Provision Lasik, Niagara Falls



Joanne Van Liefland owner of “Wrap-it-Up Raw” Health is very important to me. I have been a fitness instructor for many years and began experiencing knee pain several years ago.  Wrap-it-Up Raw wraps were created after I changed my diet to reduce my inflammation.  I began focusing on minerals and nutrition with raw foods.

I thought I was making a good choice by drinking Reverse Osmosis water, until I discovered that RO water is “dead water” – it is stripped of all its minerals. I was very excited to learn about the Aquaspace water at Purahome.  It is great water! I love the taste, the toxin removal, and the bacteria removal – especially for creating my raw wraps. Since switching to Aquaspace water, the wraps have improved. They are more pliable and their ends are no longer brittle, and they still taste great! 

I love drinking the Aquaspace water every morning with lemon, and then enjoying it throughout my day in smoothies, recipes, or by itself. Water is a key part of my healthy lifestyle. It is part of my parents’ lifestyle as well and they love the water too. I knew that bottled water wasn’t an option for me or my business and I couldn’t be happier with the Aquaspace Polaris whole home water system. 

Healthy water and minerals are an important part of both my diet and my business. I won’t compromisWrap It Up Rawe the integrity of my wraps or the importance of my health. I don’t know all the science behind the technology, but I know how I feel. I’ve seen the difference since my Aquaspace whole home water system was installed and I love it! (Aquaspace Polaris Whole Home Purification System)

Joanne Van Liefland owner of “Wrap-it-Up Raw”



As a licensed Naturopathic Doctor certified in Environmental Medicine, I understand how important decreasing the toxic load of my patients’ indoor air and water is to their health. I trust the team at Purahome to provide them with effective solutions that fit their budget. My patients have reported to me that they feel energized after having their homes serviced! I've also been told there is no hard sell or pressure what so ever at Purahome and they share lots of cool Science facts. You guys are amazing!

Dr. Elly Jenkyns, BSc, ND, Licensed Naturopathic Doctor 



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