Our Story

The Purahome Story (well, not the whole story, we call this the "5 minute special!")

We discovered that many people striving for health and wellness, whether they have a home concern or a health concern, became overwhelmed searching for solutions in relation to their environment. With training in Chemistry and Physics, we decided to find the scientific answers, and in doing so, Purahome was created. We are NOT another bottled water store dispensing reverse osmosis water detrimental to health in plastic bottles. We are not a retail box store selling poor quality furnace filters and air cleaners in a box. Who are we? We are a team of air and water purification, EMF protection and earthing specialists dedicated to improving and maintaining your health and well-being with health solutions for your specific needs. The newest additions to Purahome's health solutions involve charge and frequencies as the human body is essentially empty space with moving charges; creating their own frequencies. As a result, EMF protection and earthing health solutions were added to synergistically complement our air and water health solutions. Now we truly feel Purahome is a broad-spectrum health and wellness provider. 

Our President Mario Di Franco graduated with an Honors Degree in Chemistry and Physics. His thesis research at Brock University was on the analysis of cancer-causing compounds in water. With a passion for science and health, Mario was inspired to help others improve their lives, hence, Purahome was born. While many years in the making, our vision always involved not compromising our ethics and integrity for the sake of profit. Our focused intent is on improvement. Our commitment to evidence-based research backed by relevant credentials is what helps us build a meaningful relationship with you so we can address your present and future needs. Ultimately with Purahome, the focus is that you will gain confidence and peace of mind for improved health as we know that is what you, our customer is really searching for.  

Today, Purahome is recognized as a prestigious leader in science-based, premiere health and wellness solutions. We are very selective and critical of what we offer. Our products are premiere, of the highest quality, or we will NOT sell them. If NASA, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and over 3000 hospitals rely on our technologies for assured, excellent performance, then with true confidence, anyone can. In fact, 5 of our product lines, are exclusive to Purahome in Canada! How many of our competitors (we are not aware of any) can say that? Are our meticulously chosen, premiere products of the highest quality the reason why we excel? No, not entirely. Our desire to help you is what motivates us to not just meet, but to exceed your needs. Together, with you as our partner, we will build a relationship using our knowledge to guide you towards optimal health. 

President Mario Di Franco doing a particle count demonstrationPurahome is about building lasting relationships with customers and providing you with the healthiest home and work environment possible in almost any scenario for a revitalized life. Our primary focus then, must be education – for you our customers, and ourselves. Purahome is a school, a place of teaching and of higher learning. In sharing knowledge and inspiring innovation, we work closely with our manufacturers to continuously improve products and processes. We are also dedicated to continuing this transfer of knowledge directly to you. Knowledge leads to informed actions. Whether it’s in our showroom, people’s homes, workplaces, or online with our website, blog, or You Tube videos, our ultimate goal is always to help people live better and healthier lives.

Our network of meticulously chosen partners, from manufacturers to health and wellness practitioners, provides us with knowledge, ideas, and truly exceptional products that we wholeheartedly believe in. There are thousands of products that Purahome refuses to sell because they don't meet our standards and we strongly feel they would not satisfy the discerning product quality expectations of our valued customers. When we take the time to ask you the proper questions and listen to your responses, we are able to confidently lead you and your family down a path toward better health and peace of mind. We feel very fortunate and grateful that so many people have trusted us to accompany them on their journey towards improved health, including health professionals who have provided us wonderful feedback on their personal health and those of their patients/consumers. Read their Testimonials

Whether you are an existing customer, visiting our website or showroom for the first time or talking to us on the telephone, it becomes obvious that Purahome offers superior, carefully researched products, expert advice, health-driven customer satisfaction and a unique customer experience. This is why customers, manufacturers and affiliates say,

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