Why does Purahome rate it's products?

Just as important as the products we sell are the products we have chosen not to sell. Purahome values performance because of our commitment to health and wellness. Our customers value performance because they care about the health of their family! This is part of the reason why Purahome has wonderful relationships with their customers. 


How does Purahome rate it's products?

Any product sold by Purahome has received one of three ratings:

Puramark Logo

Puramark - Puramark is awarded to ONLY the most superior 5 star purification products that truly hit the mark with design features providing optimal health benefits. In earning a Puramark award, products must also offer a solid warranty and fair pricing.

5 star - Products provide and offer exceptional value and major health benefits

4 star - Products provide and offer great value and major health benefits.

3 star – Products we do not sell!