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Aquaspace Nitrate Mineral Plus Drinking System

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  • Aquaspace Nitrate Mineral Plus Drinking System
  • NanoCeram Microbial Filter Inside Water System (AR-NC)
  • Aquaspace Nitrate Removal Filter Inside Drinking System (AR-100N)
  • Aquaspace Filter Inside Water System (AR-100)

Aquaspace Nitrate Mineral Plus Drinking System

Purahome Rating:
Purahome Power Points:
•Designed for DIY Installation (no storage tank or drain required)
•Two NASA Spinoff Technologies; Paired with Third for Enhanced Nitrate Reduction; Made in the USA
•Extreme Reduction of Organic, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural and Industrial Pollutants
•Leaves in Beneficial Minerals for Alkaline Water
•Treats 1,200 gallons of water
•Choice of chrome or brushed nickel designer faucet

NASA inspired Aquaspace Nitrate Mineral Plus water filtration systems provide the healthiest drinking water possible. Aquaspace technology leaves in healthy minerals while effectively reducing extreme organic, industrial, and agricultural pollutants (including chlorine, chloroform, herbicides and pesticides), and heavy metals (such as lead). Also reduces unpleasant odours, tastes, sediment, bacteria, parasites and potentially viruses in water and has a dedicated filter for enhanced nitrate reduction. Purahome will contact you to discuss your designer faucet selection.

Made in: United States

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Aquaspace Nitrate Mineral Plus Drinking System

Purahome believes water filtration systems should be able to efficiently reduce a full spectrum of toxic substances, maintain beneficial minerals, and create great tasting water. Aquaspace, and its NASA-based technology, have been scientifically-researched and proven to do all of this and more. For these reasons, you can trust that Aquaspace water is your best choice for healthy water.


Why the Aquaspace Nitrate Mineral Plus Drinking System is a great choice for you:

  • Two different patented NASA-based technologies for broad spectrum contaminant reduction, including;
    • Lead, chloroform, VOCs, SOCs, pesticides and herbicides, and new emerging classes such as pharmaceuticals
    • Parasites, parasitic spores, bacteria and potentially viruses
  • Additional filter made of superior nitrate resin technology for enhanced nitrate reduction
  • Maintains beneficial alkaline minerals in your water
  • Environmentally-friendly: saves water and reduc...


How can an Aquaspace Nitrate Mineral Plus Drinking System help you?

Two NASA technology-based water filters reduce a broad spectrum of contaminants:Aquaspace Nitrate Mineral Plus Drinking System

  • Lead, arsenic, and other heavy metals
  • Chloroform, and other disinfection byproducts
  • VOCs such as cleaning solvents, degreasers, etc.
  • SOCs such as pesticides and herbicides
  • Emerging classes of water contaminants, such as pharmaceuticals, and estrogen-like substances
  • Click here for a full list of Contaminants Reduced by Aquaspace Water Filters
  • NanoCeram water filters provide enhanced microbial reduction 
  • Superior nitrate media filter reduces nitrates in your water


Preserves beneficial minerals in water:


Convenient, economical, and environmentally-friendly:



What is in the Aquaspace Nitrate Mineral Plus Drinking System?


1. Aquaspace filter (AR-100)

2. NanoCeram filter (AR-NC)

3. Nitrate filter (AR-100N)


For longevity, superior USA-made housings and a pressure protection valve reduce the risk of water damage at home or your work environment. A high-quality California-compliant faucet is installed to deliver clean, healthy water when you desire. Based on manufacturer testing and advice, Purahome recommends you change your water filters annually for the best protection.



Aquaspace Water Filters Reduce Contaminants (AR-100)

Aquaspace is the world's first charge-modified composite blend media technology and is a direct result of technology developed by NASA. This patented formula blends and modifies various types of water purification media with other active and inert ingredients.

As a result of this NASA-based technology, Aquaspace water filters reliably reduce several tough-to-remove contaminants from your water:

  • Chlor...


Filtration Backed by Science

There are a lot of water filters on the market today, but only a handful (10% of those tested) have passed stringent certification in the state of California. Aquaspace Water Systems have been independently tested by National Testing Laboratories to ANSI standards, and their most popular products have been certified by the state of California and carried the Water Quality Association Gold Seal. Our Carafe filter has been written about in several columns and articles.

The largest waste water treatment study was done by the EPA in January 2014. They sampled water from 50 large treatment plants and tested for 56 drugs. Over 50% of the samples tested positive for more than 25 drugs – with high blood pressure meds appearing in both highest concentration and frequency. This was not expected by the EPA research team and no one knows the long-term effects for humans! Aquaspace is an excellent defense against these toxins. It can be trusted to reduce and remove...

Filters & Accessories

Replacement filters are available as an annual filter kit:

AQ.Mineral+ N Kit (contains: AR-100, AR-NC, AR-100N)

FAQs and Video

There is a bad taste and/or odour to my drinking water. What is it and what do I do to eliminate and prevent odours/tastes?

Troubleshoot the system by removing the suspected fouled filter; it will depend on the type of odour, which filter to remove:

  • Earthy/swampy/musty smell = nanoceram, it has likely captured a colony of bacteria and upon decaying, an odour is present
  • Fishy smell = nitrate, if the nitrate media has dehydrated, a fishy smell may result (note: if you have an alkalizing filter, the water needs to be run and/or the filter needs to be used more often, simply running the water a little bit more should eliminate the fishy smell by lowering the pH)
  • Chemical smell = Aquaspace, if it’s nearing the end of the filter life, it needs to be replaced. If the filter is new, perhaps the system is experiencing air bubbles, which affects the taste. Use the unit for at least one more week, the air bubbles should dissipate and the water should taste better.

If the odour is no l...

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