Share the Care

As a Naturopath and Purahome partner, you will receive exclusive special dealer pricing for both your home and work on our earthing, air and water health solutions. An additional benefit we will provide you as an employer is special pricing for all your employees. As well, another benefit in partnering with Purahome is both the enhancement in your knowledge and health of your home and your family. Both you and your customers will receive scientifically researched and Purahome-scrutinized technologies and products such as Earthing for auto-immune conditions and inflammation, Plasma technology for asthma and allergies, HEPA technology for cancer, heart attack and stroke prevention, and alkalizing water purification for over-acidity as just some examples. Finally, our health and wellness relationship provides an opportunity to expose you and your business to Purahome clients through our word-of-mouth, blogs, email blasts and newsletters. We are convinced you will live longer and healthier and further grow your business! Contact us to learn more about how we can together SHARE the CARE - SAVE $$$ and LIVES. Now here is how this program started.....

In listening to our customers discuss their health and home, we learned about many different health and wellness practitioners they were already clients of.  We discovered that not only were we learning about these professionals, they in turn were learning about Purahome. Our health and wellness network was growing without us even knowing about it. What a blessing!

Although we continuously witness the lives of Purahome customers improve, our eyes were further opened when we gave a joint seminar with a highly regarded prominent Naturopathic Clinic.  Purahome was presenting the second half of the seminar, so we sat in with the audience and listened. The seminar began with the clinic sharing how it was very difficult to achieve a desired level of health for almost one third of their clients, especially those with cancer. The strategies within their means only went so far. In observing the health of their clients who were also Purahome customers, to quote their words, not ours, “the missing ingredient for health was Purahome. While we are doctors of the body, Purahome is the doctor of the home environment.”

Purahome provides premiere earthing, air and water health solutions. We are a prestigious leader in purification because we are research–based, and backed by significant credentials and integrity. We are committed to relationships and to science. When we ask the proper questions for our customers and listen to their responses, we are able to confidently lead them down a path toward improved health and peace of mind. This makes us appealing to people. We are only willing to sell premiere products of the highest quality. If NASA, the Environmental Protection Agency, and over 3000 hospitals confidently rely on our technologies for assured, excellent performance, then anyone, including your clients, should!

What really sets Purahome apart from our competition is not our products, it is:

  • how we sell and why we want to sell our products to people, and

  • why we’re passionately and honestly confident the whole experience will exceed our customer needs.

This is the core of our Purahome business and why people say...

We have grown in knowledge and size as has our health and wellness network. We look forward to meeting and working with people like you who are passionate about health and wellness and helping others. We wish to find dedicated partners who want to work together to help their clients live healthier and refer them to Purahome so they can achieve the ultimate goal of having a healthier home and family. We look forward to meeting with you. 

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