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Abatement CAP600UVP Whole Home HEPA Air Purifier

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  • Abatement CAP600UVP Whole Home HEPA Air Purifier
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  • Abatement CAP600UVP HEPA Air Purifier Installation
  • Inside Abatement CAP600UVP HEPA Air Purifier
  • Abatement CAP600UVP HEPA Air Purifier contains a Prefilter
  • Abatement CAP600UVP HEPA Air Purifier contains a VaporLock Filter
  • Abatement CAP600UVP HEPA Air Purifier contains a UVP625 Bulb
  • Abatement CAP600UVP contains a HEPA Filter
  • Abatement CAP600UVP Annual Filter Kit can be purchases from Purahome!

Abatement CAP600-UVP Whole Home HEPA Air Purifier

Purahome Rating:
Purahome Power Points:
• 10 Year Warranty
• Made in Canada
• Premiere purification to promote a healthy home
• Covers a 2250 sq ft home in 30 minutes on average
• Professional allergen, particulate, and microbial reduction
• Moderate odour reduction

The manufacturer Abatement Technologies is the North American leader in indoor air quality. The Abatement CAP600-UVP is part of a series of professional quality air purifiers that can transform your home into one of North America’s healthiest. The Abatement CAP600-UVP effectively reduces ultra-fine particulate, as well as allergy and asthma triggers, moulds, bacteria, viruses, and many odours. With a 10 year industry-best warranty and performance that is second-to-none it is easy to rely on this superior air filtration system.

Made in: Canada

Availability: In stock



How do the Abatement CAP600 HEPA Purifier Models Differ?

The Abatement CAP600, CAP600-UV and CAP600-UVP models all have the exact same aluminum cabinet, german motor, airflow, 2-stage prefiltration and certified HEPA filter. The Abatement CAP600-UVP also contains a UVP (P for photolytic) bulb that uses 2 frequencies of light to both help reduce odours and sanitize the ac coils on top of reducing microbials such as mould and bacteria. The Abatement CAP600-UV contains a UV bulb that uses 1 frequency of light to help deactivate microbials such as mould and bacteria. The Abatement CAP600 has no UV light and it cannot be added at a later date inside the system. 

In summary:

Abatement CAP600 - Fibre-Trapper 1st stage Prefilter, Vapor-Lock 2nd stage Prefilter, Certified HEPA filter

Abatement CAP600-UV - Fibre-Trapper 1st stage Prefilter, Vapor-Lock 2nd stage Prefilter, Certified HEPA filter, UV bulb

Abatement CAP600-UVP - Fibre-Trapper 1st stage Prefilter, Vapor-Lock 2nd stage Prefil...


How can the Abatement CAP600-UVP HEPA Air Purifier help you?

Your indoor air quality can affect yourself and those you love in more ways than you may know. Consider the following questions:

  • Do you consider yourself health-conscious? Do you care about how food, water, cleansers, home furnishings, and other things will impact your health or the health of your family?
  • Do you have a home concern, such as a musty smell or excessive dust in your home?  
  • Do you have a health concern, such as sensitivities to airborne allergens (pollen, mould, dander, dust) and microbial contaminants?
  • Do you have a friend or family member that suffers with a chronic illness, such as cancer, asthma, or a heart condition?

If you answer 'YES' to any of the above questions, using an ultra-high efficiency Abatement CAP600-UVP HEPA air purifier is a premiere investment for your health. It will drastically reduce your indoor exposure to pollutants for an improved life. 

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How does the Abatement CAP600-UVP HEPA Air Purifier clean the air in your home?










The Abatement CAP600-UVP HEPA air purifiers use advanced and efficient air cleaning tFiber-Trapper Stage 1 Prefilterechnology. The Abatement CAP600-UVP whole-home system features:

1. Advanced Fibre-Trapper High-Capacity Prefilter

Compared to fibreglass panel filters, these filters last longer because they have a 5 times greater dirt holding capacity. As MERV 4 rated, they also have a higher particle arrestance as per ASHRAE 52-76, so they extend the life of the more costly downstream filters and they are also biodegradeable – GO GREEN!

Filter life: 6 months based on the air purifier being on all the time.


2. Pleated Vapor-Lock Carbon/Particulate FilterVapor-Lock Stage 2 Filter

Vapor-Lock® activated carbon filters are dual function – they filter fine particulate (MERV 7 in the CAP600 models) and capture airborne gases, VOCs, and odours. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are often generated by off-gassing from carpets, comp...



We are thrilled that our customers, especially those with chronic conditions such as allergy and respiratory challenges, experience such life-changing results with the whole home HEPA Air Cleaners. Our customer success stories speak for themselves:


"I love the air purifying system! It has been phenomenal. My sleep is so much better, I am able to breathe and sleep through the night. My skin has healed so much. The air purifier has changed everything! Even my 2 cats look better. Thank you for everything. I even let my Naturopath know about Purahome." - Joanie Vanbreda


"To Purahome, I would like to say once again a BIG thank you. This has been a bad September for allergies and (our daughter) Mia has them but the difference this year is ...we are NOT using any inhalers!!! Absolutely NO MEDICATIONS!!! This is the first time since she has been born!! She still gets congested usually at bedtime and when she gets up. I am also very pleased that I have 3/4 less ...

Filters & Accessories

Annual filter kit: AB.CAP600UVP kit


2 of F621 Fibre Trapper – large particulate filter (change every 6 months)

2 of VL602 Vapor Lock filter– finer particulate filter, moderate gas and odour control (change every 6 months)

1  UVP625 bulb - UVGI Plus 12” replacement UVP bulb for microbial control (change annually)


Other Replacement Filters:

H610C-99 True HEPA filter – ultra-fine particulate filter (replace every 2 to 3 years)


FAQs and Video

Why do I need to change my HEPA filter?

Your HEPA filter is made of very thin and tightly woven fibers of borosilicate glass allowing it to filter air particles down to 0.03 microns in size. These small particles become impacted into the HEPA. Over time, your HEPA filter will become loaded with particles and will severely restrict air flow. With less filtered air flow, the particle count in your air will increase, and therefore, not be as healthy. So, it is highly recommended that you change your HEPA filter typically every 3 years.  For smokers and pet owners, the HEPA filter should be changed more regularly.

Can I just change/clean my prefilters?

Constantly cleaning a pre-filter will result in the pre-filter becoming more porous and it no longer can do what it is supposed to do which is protect the more expensive filters below which filter smaller particles. HEPAs can last up to 3 years, prefilters need to be changed more often. Your prefilters are responsible for capturing the...

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